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Don’t Miss Watching this Interesting and Cool Love Story NaaRakumarudu at Aha OTT

Is your online movie watch bored?

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Here comes handsome hunk Naveen Chandra with a trendy love story in NaaRakumarudu Telugu film.

We can experience the cute love story of a young lead Naveen and Ritu, with different minds. Bothare pursuing their graduation. The bubbly nature of Ritu was quite impressive. How these couples express their love to each other and what were the consequences gone through in between to know more in detail, Watch NaaRakumarudu in Aha OTT. Expand your online movie watch movies list now!

Where to watch NaaRakumarudu movie

Watch the complete Narasimhudu movie in aha movies platform in HD quality without any interruption by just a click.

Genre: Romance

Duration: 129 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the movie

Stars: Naveen Chandra, Ritu Varma, Sithara

Director: Satya

Producer: P. Vajrang

Music Director: Achu

Vaishnav (Naveen Chandra) only son of Millionaire, who gained huge girls fan following with his handsome looks and thug. He has completed his graduation and is about to leave for foreign in two months to pursue MS.

Bindu (Ritu Varma) is a fun-loving jolly, light-hearted sparkling girl. She is not interested in studies. One day Bindu gets punished by the principal, so she decides to take revenge by exploring a mini bomb under the principal’s chair.

Unfortunately,Vaishnav will be in that situation. He gets insulted, so Vaishnav records a video of Bindu while remonstrating the principal. Vaishnav started to blackmail and decided to make Bindu do all household works, as his maid was out for a few months.

Gradually both fall for each other. Bindu decided to propose Vaishnav, but Vishanav rejected Bindu and left to foreign. Bindu goes into depression and wants to end her life. What happens next? Bindu will be alive? Why did Vaishnav rejects Bindu? Will he come back from foreign to meet Bindu?

Top 5 Reasons to watch NaaRakumarudu

  1. AndalaRakshasi fame Naveen Chandra has created a trademark as a youthful entertainer for NaaRakumarudu.
  2. His handsome looks are quite impressive.
  3. Ritu’s character was very impressive, though she selected a tough role performed very well.
  4. Director Satya Asst. Of PuriJagannadh for Amma Nanna Tamil Ammayi has handled the movie very well.
  5. Sithara has also performed very well as Ritu’s mother

NaaRakumarudu, currently available on Aha OTT and streaming for Telugu movie audiences all over the world. It’s your time to spend on your online movie watch.

Watch romance movies online on Aha

Add NaaRakumarudu to your online movie watch. Naveen Chandra’s handsome look is a great add-on to the movie. Ritu literally impresses the audience with her cute and bubbly performance. The director Satya showed the best screenplay. It is completely a youthful entertainer with a cute love story. Watch and have fun with the loving love story.

Don’t miss watching the simple and cool love story NaaRakumarudu on Aha OTT.