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Choose the Fitness Level you Want to meet

Although publicity and many followers can make a coach’s hourly rate high, price and quality are still immaculately linked. However, it is not always the most skilled coaches who are also the most expensive. It all depends on their beliefs and purpose. Many coaches just want to help people as much as possible while also making a living from it. They do not want to stack millions of dollars, which is why their hourly rate is not necessarily as high as it could be.

Having said that, one can at the same time turn the question around.

See IT is an exciting question

There are a few good suggestions here:

Arrive on time or warm up before class starts

When you have a personal trainer for 55-60min, it is important to make the best use of the time. This is by no means the case if you arrive 5 minutes late and at the same time have to change, so that the class only starts 10-15 minutes later than it actually could. From Ido Fishman  you can experience the best fitness training now.

Another option is to get 5-10 mins earlier so warm up yourself. Then you are ready for the class to begin and can therefore reach more in the 60min that are available.

Ask questions and be curious – take notes!

 A personal trainer is there to help you, especially with the things you are in doubt about. Although you have to train during the class, the breaks can easily be used to get answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, notes can be taken during the lesson you will be amazed at how much useful information is forgotten when you read the notes at a later time.