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Plan your web accessibility monitoring for disabled users

Accessibility is concerned with the person with a disability gaining access to or benefits from a website, system, or application. Accessibility is a prominent aspect of site design and should factor throughout the development process. The guiding principle in Section 508 requires that all government information be accessible to users with disabilities.

If you’re not sure what to test, who to hire, or how to communicate your intentions and goals, here are five simple steps to developing and launching an accessibility monitoring plan:

Sort your digital assets into categories:

Prioritizing your digital strength:

It is one of the crucial steps in developing an accessibility strategy. Where do you begin when faced with a vast array of potential accessibility issues in your web applications and properties? Your plan must be manageable to be successful. Begin by compiling a list of your current digital assets and those you intend to acquire in the future. Among these resources are Website, Mobile, Site, Native application, Video, and PDF.

Create an accessibility policy and statement:

Next, create an accessibility policy and statement for internal and external stakeholders that covers anyone who uses the services. The accessibility policy should explain why accessibility is critical to your company’s operations and must direct at your leaders, employees, volunteers, board members, and other internal stakeholders.

Make a test plan and train stakeholders:

With your prioritized resources and a written policy and statement in hand, it’s time to take action and develop a schedule, which will vary greatly depending on where your website is in its overall development. If you’re starting a new website from scratch, make accessibility monitoring a top priority right away.

Communicate your plan internally:

Accessibility testing is a prime undertaking that necessitates the active participation of all departments. For accessibility testing to be truly effective, senior management purchasing is required. Begin by sharing your Web Accessibility Policy and Plan with your key internal stakeholders, such as staff, investors, board members, volunteers, and others who are critical to your company’s day-to-day operations.

Share your plan externally:

Finally, share your strategy and goals with your customers, suppliers, and the general public. Explain in simple terms how you intend to bring your digital assets up to industry standards and create a dedicated web page outlining your accessibility statement. Update this statement regularly with your progress, and include a phone number and email address so that users can contact you with questions, concerns, or compliments.